Also Known As – The Nickname Episode

“Also Known As – The Nickname Episode”

Music in the first half of the episode by Ryan Little and in the second half by Mike B. Fort

Non-fiction nickname stories by Ryan (aka The Professor Cyborg Jesus), Michael Patterson-Carver, Lori, Hedy, Napalm Beth and Jason Kastrup of “The Mystic and the Wizard Podcast.”

Improvised performances by Michael Zimmer, Janet Scanlon, Chad Parsons, Derek Smith, and Dylan Reiff. Edited by Eric Klein. Recorded live at the Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland, Oregon.

Boxed Milk Magic for Chilly the Has-Been

Craig’s first time doing improv was in Spanish, on stage in front of an audience of Mexicans. Find out what was lost and what was gained in translation. “Boxed Milk Magic for Chilly the Has-Been” was written and performed by Craig McCarthy, Dylan Reiff, Garrett Palm, Rachel Van Nes, and Chad Parsons. Derailer is recorded live every Monday at the Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland Oregon by Eric Klein. Derailer is on iTunes and Facebook. Music this episode by Ryan Little  and Scott Holmes

“The Banality of Tanya aka The Rise and Fall of FingerSwipe”

Motivated by profit, a team of app developers creates an addicting product for children. What could go wrong?

“The Banality of Tanya aka The Rise and Fall of FingerSwipe” was written and performed AT THE SAME TIME by Garrett Palm, Chad Parsons, David Calkins and Eric Klein.

Music by “Three Chain Links” off the album Phantoms –…inks/Phantoms/

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Because they let me use their work without paying them, here are a list of the artists who provided sound effects for this episode: “Foot Step Splashing sounds” by InspectorJ ; Water Wading.wav by Motion_S ; Wading through water.flac guyburns ; splashing footsteps.mp3 soundmary ;
Wading in a shallow river by macdaddyno1…1/sounds/321594/ ; and Dramatic Stabs and underwater by Sclolex and

Doin’ The Worm with Sunburned Stu!

“I saw a lot of bottoms when I was there. Bottoms as far as the eye could see,” said Janet Scanlon. Janet is recently back from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In a matter of seconds she vividly described the fleshy scenery to her Derailer friends and then it’s off to the races as the team creates made up radio theater inspired by one overdressed woman’s brief journey to a beach town during Spring Break!

“Doin’ The Worm with Sunburned Stu!” was written and performed (at the exact same time) by Janet Scanlon, Dylan Reif, David Calkins, Chris Fontaine and Chad Parsons. Editted and mixed by Eric Klein.

Most of the music in this ep was by Broke For Free, off the album “Slam Funk” – plus one track by Scott Holmes. The original song “Racsist in the Room” was written and performed (at the same time) by the band “All I Feel is Yes”

Derailer is recorded live at The Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland, Oregon. Stop on by and see some live comedy improv  – more Derailer online at