Quilt Me a Friendship in this Dirty Dirty World

Derailer is improvised live every week at the Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland, Oregon. This episode features Dylan Reiff, Rachel Van Nes, Michael Zimmer, David Calkins and Eric Klein.

Music by Scott Holmes.

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“Saving Mrs. Brisby”

Joseph Fraley submitted himself to be experimented on for science and it ended up changing the way he looked at the whole rest of his life.

Each week on Derailer, true stories and events from people’s lives give us the jumping off point to create improvised radio theater. For this episode, in addition to Joseph’s story we have three improvisors sitting at the table: Dylan Reiff, David Calkins and Michael Zimmer. They will be listening closely to Joseph and then creating improvised comedy scenes.

Derailer is performed live every Monday at the Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland Oregon. If you would like to come see us make it up, or if you have a true story that you would like to share, check in with The Kickstand Comedy Space on Facebook.

Saving Mrs, Brisby was written and performed at the same time by Michael Zimmer, David Calkins and Dylan Reif. Edited and produced by Eric Klein. Our guest was Joseph Fraley. The music was composed by Scott Holmes.

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