“Greatest Wall” the lost nightmare of 2017

Derailer is improvised radio theater, recorded live at The Kickstand Comedy Space in Portland, Oregon. This episode was written and performed at the same time by Garrett Palm, Rachel Van Nes, Janet Scanlon, Craig McCarthy, Amanda Bishop, Derek Smith, and Dylan Reiff. Edited and uploaded by Eric Klein. This episode is called “Greatest Wall.”

Music is “Chill Beats” EP by Tyler Twombly.


Each week on Derailer a group of improvisors write and perform a radio show, just for you, live at the Kickstand Comedy Space.

This episode features Chad Parsons, Garrett Palm, David Calkins, Derek Smith, and Lucia Fasano.

Because Derek and his wife gave birth and left the house, we made this one about wee wee, doo doo and drone wars.

Music by Scott Holmes.

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